Monday, March 28, 2011

Nano Suit "GOD MODE"

Small .xml tweak that gives you unlimited Nano suit strength.

"Bad" News.

I've come to the conclusion that modding Crysis 2 at this point has been a lost hope due to Crytek's lack of support for the modding community.

The only benefit of Cry Engine 3 to anyone at this point to ME is performance, and Crysis 2's story.

Moving back to Cry Engine 2 to pursue development seems to be the best option at this point.

You can check out my Crysis 1 dev blog, link over there >>>

Cry2Ballistics v3 SOON!

I'm having some issues I'm trying to figure out with the retail console(1.0/1.1), considering it's on lockdown. Until I figure out how I'm going to make the new scope available in-game, the new scope is virtually useless to all of you.

Here is a sneak peak of the NEW scope!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

NEW FORUM: has welcomed me to their modding forum!

[WIP][REL] Cry2Ballistics (Retail v1.0+)

"Banned" Again? has decided to bad me again, for false accusations.

Claiming I have an illigal version.

There has been a RETAIL .pak extractor out since the MP DEMO, over 2 weeks ago.

If they would open there eyes and try the "map" command in console, it does work in the RETAIL version.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Cry2Ballistics v2 (v1.1.2)

A "small" update for Cry2Ballistics

Changes include:

SCAR & SCARAB now shoot the .408, full balistics as well.
SCAR & SCARAB both have a sniper scope(AssaultScopeSCAR), and AssaultScope.
Damage decreased to 250.
Air resistance added to bullet(effected by wind now).

Crymod Hates ME

Another thread locked. What a shock.

New Cry2Bal host:


Includes a readme!

"Cry2Bal" Crysis 2 ballistics mod for RETAIL 1.1

Starting early, corporatocracy will never keep me down!

.408 Cheytac simulation.


-350 base damage
-Custom scope reticle(16x)
-.408 Cheytac ammunition(full ballistics)

-350 base damage
-.408 Cheytac ammunition(full ballistics)
-Can now use the assault scope.

Crysis 2 Has Arrived!

Crytec has decided we should not have the ability to mod it, so I made ways.